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SunConnect Djerba Aqua Resort
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The SunConnect Djerba Aqua Resort contain a big WaterPark which include:

Pool Wave:is   the swimming   pool in   which   there   are   artificially   generated,

reasonably large waves, similar to the oceans. Wave pools are often a major feature of water parks.  Wave pools replicate the movement of the ocean one. Using the technique of "accordion mechanism" which opens and closes in order to suck water into its belly (opening) and push it out (closing) to cause waves, forcing the water to even out, generating a sizeable wave.

The wave pool generates waves that will ensure hours of fun and laughter for our guests by turning the pool into an ocean of fun for swimmers.

Lazy River: A lazy river is the water river introduced in our waterpark, similarly to a river. There is a slow current which goes around in circles.

Space Hole: is a new and exciting slide. It's engineered to create ultimate excitement and is one of the largest rides for speed riding. You will enjoy three different levels of excitement in one slide. Your first experience the excitement of an enclosed tube exiting into a big splash into the hole.

Multi Slide: Multi slide is the one where you can slide down with a standard mat or with your bathing suit. It increases the fun factor in the park.

Kamikaze: Kamikaze is expertly engineered to deliver high-speed thrill experience. Kamikaze's configuration features a slide path consisting of "more than just one fall". The experience of the excitement and the fun of falling over a multi-bump slide path.

Tunnel Freefall: You may be looking for the excitement of your life or you may like smooth rides, it's for those who like smoother enjoyable rides. The visual and auditory effects can be planned and added to create a visual harmony that your guests will never forget.

Rafting Slides: Rafting Slide is the type with a radius of 800 x1400 mm. Rafting Slide is an open tube slide that offers an unforgettable ride experience. You will discover something new and exciting at every corner.Friends, spouses, and parents can experience the joy of sliding all together and laughter will be heard all around the park.  

Black Hole: Our ‘Blackhole’ enclosed tube slide is quite simply our most popular ride because it offers an incredible and unique ride experience, The natural lighting effects create a visual harmony in the water inside the ride and make this ride even more attractive for riders. You can travel at high speeds, while enjoying the visual effects all around. 

TurboLance: Turbo Lance is specially designed for your guests to experience the rush of different sliding paths.Riders will first experience a steep/big drop down and then they are propelled uphill vertically. Then they experience another unforgettable path, this time a reverse path taking them over a bump and ending into a splash pool. Although Turbolance ensure to deliver an unforgettable ride experience with its standard design, when it starts with one of these slides, the slide offers a comparatively slower sliding path at the start but then quickly speeds up. 

The Pirate Ship: creates a thrilling and attractive atmosphere in the kids’ play areas of your facility. Our Pirate Ship will be an exciting play area for your youngest guests with its Pirate theming, several decorative Animation Articles and waterslides of different colours and types. 

PS: The aqua park is on extra.




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